Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Provocative Progressive


Who knew that my personal response to the election would cause such a ruckus in my social media realm? Who would've guessed that I'd get calls, emails, text messages, and more either vehemently disagreeing with me or cheering me forward?

Over the next few days I promise to address some of the issues that folks have raised. It's fair that folks asked:
  • Am I just a quitter?
  • Am I turning my back on my fellow dems?
  • Can I call myself "progressive" and hate on "conservatives"? (Here's my quick reply to that on Facebook tonight: " aren't there PLENTY of people... that call themselves "Christian," yet their messages of hate and intolerance run counter to most of Christ's teachings? Semantics are a slippery slope in politics on both sides of the aisle.)
  • Where may I move? What happens if that turns red?
I will get to those and more. But now, I am getting to bed. Before I focus on anything else too crazy, I must focus on running my half marathon on Saturday.

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