Thursday, November 11, 2010

sexy trains

I know, I know...I promised I'd have a new focus. But I had this total eureka moment that just wasn't going to fit in a facebook post! Maybe it took a couple cocktails from the Milawesomely fabulous Bel Air Cantina to knock it out of me, but my inner Freud has totally deciphered the Republican anti-train sentiment.

They're traditionally anti-ending-in-x. No tax. No sex. That sums up both their fiscal AND conservative values easily. And the train issue puts it at an ugly head.

I arrived at this conclusion after reflecting on how powerful women in the past have used sexuality in a political sense (thank you Stuff You Missed in History Class). Then, my mind wandered to recalling from both film and literature classes how trains are often used as a symbol for copulation (look no further than the end of North by Northwest for that one). So maybe these conservatives just need to put aside their puritanism and get laid? Trains for everyone!

Now if only there were gay trains (insert further Cary Grant reference here). They'd be frothing even more.

UPDATED: I should clarify with WISCONSIN republicans, because the ones we have here campaigned on both anti-sex issues (anti-birth control, anti-gay rights) and anti-transit.

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