Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Reluctant Wisconsinite: Am I A Quitter and/or Abandoner?

Alright, last night I promised I'd start going through some of the many questions that have been posed to me this week, since I dropped the bombshell that I'm actively looking to (in hashtag terms) #EscapefromWI.

Here's my thoughts on a couple. I will write more later.

Am I a quitter? Am I abandoning my fellow dems in Wisconsin?

I can obviously see how that's an easy conclusion at which to arrive. My team lost and I'm taking the ball and leaving the court.

I'm not quitting the GAME though. (Although unlike Brett Farve, I have no future plans involving sexting in Crocs (sorry fellas)). I just need to explore my options off this particular field. I am still going to stay involved in politics (like I could turn this OFF!). I am still going to strive to make this world a better place. I am going to keep reading, keep educating myself, keep educating others on how to discern reality from paid advertisements.

To me, quitting would be hanging up all political pathos, buying a 47" TV and watching reality TV until my brain bled.

Additionally, there are some selfish reasons behind my decision. The industry in which I work was the FIRST ONE one the chopping block by the new regime. There is no will whatsoever to move Wisconsin into the 21st Century, fuck, even the '90s when it comes to transportation policy. Why should I stay here? How can that advance my current career? Unless you saw funding hopes dashed and lost a week of pay this year, I don't want you to tell me to "wait it out" for four more years.

Again, I am not quitting the game or my fellow Democrats. I will continue to work tirelessly for democratic and progressive causes. I will not turn my back on Milwaukee and Wisconsin. I love this city. It's by far the coolest city in the Midwest. I know some incredible, amazing, intelligent, bluer than me, people here.

But, some factors I ask you to consider and respect:

1) I'm not from here. I grew up solely on both coasts. I've chosen to live here and now I choose to leave.

2) Throughout history, people have moved to creative centers to personally flourish. Look at all the composers that went to Vienna, writers to New York, artists to Florence. If I feel that my creativity and passions are stifled here, why should I stay?

3) Social media allows for people to stay in touch once they've moved like you never could in the past. I care about my blue comrades here and will continue to stay engaged and informed. I also am going to look into using my knowledge and skillset with these types of communications to helping out on a greater scale for the future.

4) I don't want to be a schmuck defending my progressive values, if I haven't truly lived and breathed in a city/state with more innovative infrastructure, services, etc. I've traveled and sampled many of these things, yes, but I want to be able to truly experience another type of system to be able to say "it's better." What if it's not? What if it sucks? What if I end up agreeing with those I call "conservative assholes?" I won't know if I'm pressured into staying in the status quo.

5) Improve my dating life in Milwaukee and maybe we'll talk.

6) I can always move back.

I promise to answer more questions in the coming days.

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